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Why Choose R&G Design

There's lots of reasons why R&G Design are worth a phone call - but who has the time to read them all? So, we've highlighted our main 3 which we think are enough to get you interested.

We've been around for ages

We've not quite been around since the dawn of time but 35 years is not bad for a design studio. We've seen fashions come and go and we've always produced fresh designs to keep our clients identity up-to-date.

Design, Print & Web - the complete package

Ultimately, once your promotional material has been designed, it'll need printing. We're proud to offer this too. We have a full digital and litho in-house print shop. This means that we can offer top quality print at great prices as we don't pay external printers commission. Don't think R&G are just another printers with a design studio. It's completely the other way around for us. We started as a design studio and then introduced printing.

Thinking big doesn't mean spending big

R&G Design combines innovative creativity with a commonsense approach to business. We understand that each client has a budget and we can make your budget go as far as possible. Whether you are looking for a logo design or a complete rebrand we have the experience in all areas of design and know how to make your money go further. We can advise you how to use your existing marketing channels to better use or identify affordable channels you may not have considered.

Whatever your brief, R&G Design in Leicester puts your business at the heart of everything we do. Our services are completely transparent with no confusion, no hidden costs or tricky clauses. You will be fully consulted at every stage of the project and have final sign off of creative briefs.

We're happy to take on projects of any shape and size. Unlike many studios, we'd never dismiss your project because its value doesn't contain enough zeros.

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